About BetaBlue

BetaBlue, Inc. is a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing novel small molecule therapeutics that exhibit functional selectivity at clinically relevant dopamine receptors to treat neurological illness.

The Company has lead compounds with a unique pharmacological signature that have shown activity as potentially novel antipsychotics in models of schizophrenia.

Lead compounds are also of potential use in other psychiatric disorders which include bipolar disorder and addictive behaviors with fewer off-target side effects associated with existing drugs.

Ligands to Facilitate Biased Signaling

The ability to block G-protein-coupled receptor activity and to finely tune resulting ligand-mediated signaling has begun to radically change the development of drugs against known targets that are critical to many illnesses.

The regulation of dopamine signaling in the brain, particularly in reducing dopamine receptor activity is a common area of drug development for treating psychosis where higher than normal amounts of dopamine signaling are thought to exist. However, the available antipsychotics are associated with adverse side-effects that greatly reduce the effectiveness of treatment. BetaBlue is now developing refined ligands to reduce or promote activity of specific components of dopamine receptor function to treat illness whilst preserving other necessary dopamine pathways and reduce drug-induced side-effects.

BetaBlue's compounds have the unprecedented potential to represent highly successful functionally selective drugs targeting clinically relevant dopamine signaling to treat neurological illness with a reduced incidence of off-target side-effects.

Company Location

Incorporated in Delaware and headquatered with R&D facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan hub in Georgia, the Company has access to the local biomedical community.

BetaBlue has strong ties with the University of North Carolina where initial intellectual property has been developed.