About BetaBlue

BetaBlue, Inc. is a developmental stage biotechnology company developing innovative therapeutic devices that operate by utilizing the body’s own extensive sensory neural network, to treat mental illnesses and neurodegenerative disease.

The company’s devices are designed to safely deliver packets of energy to specific anatomical targets. Energy is sensed by receptive nerve networks, triggering signals to the brain where the patient’s own neurochemical systems are activated to deliver effective therapeutic responses.

Tunable Devices for Clean Therapeutic Responses

Available antipsychotics and other drugs prescribed to treat brain illnesses are associated with adverse side-effects that can greatly limit the effectiveness of treatment. BetaBlue is developing more efficient and refined personalized therapies that have the unprecedented potential to represent highly successful devices targeting neurological illness whilst eliminating drug-induced side-effects.

The ability to positively influence brain health through the use of finely tuned external stimuli is the foundation for development of our products. We are producing wearable technology for stimulation across the skin and other sensory organs. Our devices are tunable to match the needs of each patient and their specific illness.

Company Location

Incorporated in Delaware and headquartered with R&D facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan hub in Georgia, and with access to a thriving local biomedical community.